Slave to Internet Fashion

  1. New job; new novel; new vista
  2. The Mosquito Coast
  3. The Title of This Thing
  4. Cablese
  5. Evelyn Waugh; Ernest Hemingway
  6. An Imperfect Metaphor for Language
  • I have a new job: Since last March, I’ve been working as executive director of a nonprofit writers community called The Writers Grotto, in San Francisco. We run a pretty robust online classes program (at — new classes go up in a few weeks), we offer a free conference by and for writers of color, and we count about 125 narrative artists of all stripes among our members, from emerging writers to big-time prize-winners. There have been no end of challenges over the last twelve months, but we have some interesting plans afoot for this year, so stay tuned for more on that.
  • I wrote a novel: It’s a sprawling, big fantasy novel for young people, about twin princesses who venture forth from their brokedown palace to go in search of their wayward dad. I don’t yet have an agent for it, but I’m going to send it off to a few people in the next couple of months. It’s been incredibly fun to write. Hopefully, it’s incredibly good as well.
  • Because the novel involves the figure of a wayward dad, I’ve read a number of books in similar vein lately. The best was doubtless The Mosquito Coast, which is the story of malcontent inventor Allie Fox, who takes his family off to the rain forest for a chilling (in many senses) adventure. As dads go, they don’t get much more complicated (in the root sense of something having many parts woven together) than Fox. And Paul Theroux does one of the best jobs anywhere of portraying the adoring gaze of the eleven-year-old boy forced to come to terms with the perilous complexities of who his father really is.
  • My own family’s adventure has brought us to new vistas as well: We’re holed up in the country these days, in a tiny town about an hour out of San Francisco. Our neighbors on one side keep chickens. The neighbor on the other side is a veterinarian who keeps dogs, ducks, geese, and two miniature horses (they’re about three feet tall), and we’re down the street from a goat farm. So our girls (who are now eight) are in #countryliving heaven.





Mostly a writer. Contents: “architecture, nature, alcohol, space travel, rock ’n’ roll” and for past work

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Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace

Mostly a writer. Contents: “architecture, nature, alcohol, space travel, rock ’n’ roll” and for past work

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