There may be a way, but is there a will?

My last longread for, How Software is Eating the Military, looks at how software-based weapons, information systems, and other infrastructure are changing the ways we go to war. Here’s a bit more on putting the story together, and some other implications for the future of the military.

The smiling…

I posted this advice to another blog a few years back. Posting it here now for posterity, and whatever it’s worth to any other entrepreneurs.

A young entrepreneur I met recently asked me how to think about advisory boards and I ended up writing him a long email, which forms…

This is not about talking to your kids

Attention, media (and various other people): Providing alternate narratives to fake news is like talking to four-year-olds. If you say to a four-year-old, “Don’t do that,” all they really hear is the “do that” part. And they comply.

It doesn’t work to just say no. To more effectively change the…

It ends today

Back when I made my living as a writer, one corner of my kitchen counter was reserved for a stack of yellowing newspaper and magazine clippings that I absolutely had to get around to doing something with in the near future. Actually, it wasn’t a corner of the counter, it…

Mark Wallace

Mostly a writer. Contents: “architecture, nature, alcohol, space travel, rock ’n’ roll” and for past work

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